We take #savethebees to the streets!

Through innovative products, events, campaigns and citizen science we’re inspiring a community of urban Bee Saviour Citizens. Our ambition is to make our cities more bee friendly and biodiverse.

Our work is now award winning and any surplus funds we generate are reinvested back into some of the important work we do… things like the first ever citizen science study into bee hotel use nationwide with Earlham Institute.

If you’re here for the bee hotel survey mentioned in BBC Gardeners World magazine you can find it by clicking HERE or by clicking the link below:

Tell us about your bee hotel lozenge

We create innovative products to fund our education and campaigning projects. We reinvest any surplus we generate back into making a difference.


Our Team: Designer and social entrepreneur behind Bee Saviour Behaviour. Discover more about Our Team

Dan Harris

Our Team: A master of visual communication and the designer behind our graphics. Discover more about Our Team

Rich Horne

    The UK has over 270 different species of bee. Most of them are wild bees and bumblebees are 25 of them… better start getting to know them then! Keep up to date on the latest Bzzzz Feed videos on Instagram at @BZZZZFEED
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