Bee Saviour Behaviour takes #savethebees to the streets!

A bee can only fly for so long between flowers before it runs out of fuel. It’s common to come across exhausted bees on the ground in cities!

Now bees like humans shouldn’t live on sugar, but a tiny drop of sugar solution if there are no flowers around is okay to revive an exhausted bee and see it on its way. Our sugar solution carrier will fit neatly in your wallet, purse or pocket so that you can revive an exhausted bee when out and about.

We love a good idea

The Bee Saviour Card carries three cells of sugar solution and is made from an old plastic store card that was destined for landfill and so while you’re saving bees it’s reducing plastic waste.

This card gives you the stuff you need to revive an exhausted bee when out and about. Once you’re out of sugar solution the card can be returned for refilling!

The bigger picture

Now it’s important to be really clear that reviving bees with sugar solution alone won’t reverse bee and insect population decline. Our ambition is that through inspiring moments of connection with your local bee populate, that you’ll have your own story to tell of your local wildlife and develop greater empathy and understanding of their situation. The Bee Saviour Card is the first step in taking action towards transforming neighbourhoods into bee and insect friendly domains.

Through our website, the information we send out with the Bee Saviour Cards and our social media we’ll be sharing all kinds of actions to increase the range of habitats in your area for wild bees and insects to boost biodiversity; becoming a Bee Saviour Citizen is just the start!

The story so far…

We’ve been working on this growing project for three years gaining support from Midcounties Co-operative, Populate Co-op and Power to Change to test prototypes of our Bee Saviour Card with our first pioneering members of  our community… creating lots of joy!

Get involved in 2019

We’re looking forward to growing our Bee Saviour Citizen community in 2019. We launched a crowdfunding campaign on Friday 12th April 2019  just in time to get our sugar solution carriers into the pockets and wallets of our community for the summer holidays.

Get in touch

You can email us at hello (at) saviourbees.co.uk

@saviourbees is our social media handle and our hashtag is #saviourbees