This is a ‘not bees’ post… now that we’ve reached autumn we’re gonna create a bunch of posts about books we’re reading. This is what the autumn and winter are for right… catching up on reading!

One thing that has been a big part of the past year has been research showing the scale of insect population decline. While loitering by bushes and shrubs to spot bees we see a lot of other insects… these are some of our favourite photos of hoverflies from the past few months, starting with a hornet mimic hoverfly.

Our first love is bees… but we’re also not so secretly obsessed with biodiversity too. Dave Goulson is a great example of a scientist with a passion for bees, biodiversity and inspiring folk with how easy it is to create change in your own neighbourhood without a whole lot of effort. His book The Garden Jungle is a great example of this. “Woodlice, earthworms, earwigs: a seething Serengeti lurks in many a back garden. Apiologist Dave Goulson’s wonderful book encourages such richness by delivering solid science on garden wilding… Goulson demonstrates that the domestic nature reserve is the first step towards saving the planet.” is how Nature described it

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