It is windy here in Norwich today. Initially we though nothing of this banded white-tailed bumblebee looking like it’s rock climbing up this plant… until it dawned on us that life must be treacherous as a bumblebee in high winds. This thought got us searching for any wisdom about bumblebees in windy flight online.

Joyfully we stumbled across one piece of research that found when bumblebees land on flowers in high winds they don’t seem to decelerate and as a result crash land onto the flower at potentially damaging speeds… no wonder this bee prefers to keep its feet on the ground… or should that be keep its feet on the plant. Rock climbing beats flying in these conditions.

We feel like we’ve been working hard over this last week to keep our feet on the ground too. It’s been a roller-coaster year so far and now we’re at the bit where we’re knuckling down, chasing suppliers, building boxes, making bee cards and making sure we don’t get distracted by flights of fancy…. and don’t get blown off course.

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