As the weather feels more autumnal our heads are full of questions of how to plant fresh seeds of bee curiosity in our community. Our plan for the winter months is to develop a whole bunch of things that I guess could be described as ‘educational resources’ though we’re not sure that’s quite the right phrase.

What we’re really creating are beautiful things to inspire some bee shaped discovery and wonder… and a big part of this process has been working closely with the wonderful Rich Horne to design a fresh new illustrated way to represent the differences between the 250 bee species in the UK.

Bees live extraordinary lives… and starting to identify different UK bees and appreciate the very different lives that UK bees live is quite a magical thing to grasp.

So to kick things off… here is a set of recent Common Carder Bee photos alongside a draft attempt at an illustration to help identify it. Common Carder Bees are one of those bees that hang around well into the autumn and so it’s one you’re likely to spot in October.

Common Carder Bee illustration by Rich Horne

We still have a lot of work to do on a complete set of bee identification illustrations to get all you wonderful folk excited and equipped to go out and spot different bee species… stay tuned as this important piece of work takes shape. A big thank is due to Rich Horne for his hard work and to everyone who supported our crowdfunding campaign who made this all possible.

We are a not-for-profit community co-op that uses any surplus from sales to fund education, workshops, campaigns, citizen science projects and shareable resources… so everytime anyone buys something from us it supports our work. We have big plans taking shape for 2020 and we’re going to enjoy telling you all about them over the next few months.

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