Bzzzz Feed #1: Honeybee

So apparently the alarm pheromone of a honeybee smells like bananas!

Despite it only being March my summer pass time of sneaking up on bees while they’re taking some ‘time out’ is in full swing. I’m guessing this doesn’t alarms them… I’ve certainly never smelt a banana like smell while doing it.

Essentially pheromones are chemicals released by bees, insects and some mammals to influence the behaviour of other members of their species…. curious. It’s not the only unusual way that bees communicate either… dance is also a part of how they signal things to other bees… apparently a waggle dance is used to communicate about suitable flower destinations sites

Where could you see a honeybee?

Literally anywhere… even central London has a huge number of rooftop bee keepers and so they’re common across the United Kingdom and beyond.

When might you see one?

Honeybees won’t fly when the weather is colder than 14 degrees centigrade (57 degrees fahrenheit). This means you may see one on a warm winter day though they’re most commonly from March to September.

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