Bzzzz Feed #2: Pantaloon Bees, AKA Dasypoda Hirtipes

The bee spotting life is full of surprises… took a different route home this lunchtime and stumbled across our first pantaloon bee.

This flamboyant solitary bee isn’t all that common in the UK and mostly hangs out in the south east of England… so we’re in a prime spot here on the east coast.

This species focus their foraging attention largely on one family of plants in this country, the Asteraceae family, and the female of the species is definitely the one that wears the trousers…. though these legs aren’t all about pollen carrying.

These spectacular legs are also an important tool in making its nest. The pantaloon bee builds its nests in sandy ground, backing out of its nesting tunnels when excavating them to remove larger volumes of sand in one ingenious move. There are some fabulous videos on YouTube of this activity.

Enjoy your exploring bee saviour citizens… you never know what’s around the next corner 🐝💚🌍

Where could you see a pantaloon bee?

Largely found in the southeast of England, especially coastal locations. There have also been some recorded populations in the south west and west coast of Wales.

When might you see one?

Keep an eye open in June, July and August, especially on yellow flowers plants in the aster family.

Find our more about the pantaloon bee at this bee’s BWARS page HERE

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