Bzzzz Feed #4: Buff tailed bumblebee, AKA Bombus terrestris

One of the UK’s common bees and very similar looking to a white-tailed bumblebee… which means even having taken great care to make sure all the bees on this page are buff tailed bumblebees we’re still anxious there may be a white tailed bumblebee lurking among them.

This bumblebee is in the top 5 for bees with the longest tongues, which affects the flowers it loves to feed from. A social bee like all bumblebees it nests underground in colonies of several hundred bees.

When could you see one?

Generally these common bumblebees are spottable from March through to August, however this species is increasingly nesting in the winter especially in urban settings so you may see them in October or November

Where could you see one in the UK?

These guys are really common… in fact they’re on of the most common UK bees and you’re likely to spot them anywhere up and down the UK.

Find out more about the buff tailed bumblebee at this bee’s BWARS page HERE

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