Bzzzz Feed #5: Ivy Bee

Some bees are easy to spot, some bees are easy to photograph… some bees are not! Normally we wouldn’t be all that excited to share fleeting slow-motion videos of bees flying away… but ivy bees are different.

Ivy bees haven’t been in the UK for long and they’re so beautiful with their striking yellow stripes and amber fluffy bodies. They were first spotted in the UK back in 2001 down in Devon and since then they have slowly been slowly moving north and east. They appear when the ivy is in bloom and we’d like to challenge you to spot one. In fact we’re curious to see how far north our community might be able to record a sighting of these little guys.

When could you see an Ivy Bee?

Ivy bees have their timing down so they appear at the same time as the ivy flowers… so expect them anytime from late August depending on the weather. The males appear first and soon after the females appear to great excitement from the males who’ve been waiting for them. Again depending on the weather they’re likely to be around into early autumn… so October.

Where could you see one of these bees?

These bees have been slowly moving north and we’ve had sightings close to the Scottish border. Norfolk has many… we’ve taken these photos in Great Yarmouth right on the east coast.