Bzzzz Feed #7: Common Carder Bee

There aren’t many bees out and about once we get to the autumn in the UK, though common carder bees are one that you’re still likely to spot; their bold ginger hair fitting in nicely with Halloween colour schemes.

When can you see a common carder bee?

Common carder bees are one of the UK bees around for the longest… you could see one from late March through to November, depending on the weather.

Where might you see a common carder bee?

Basically common carder bees, as their name suggests, are one of the commonest bees in the UK. You’re likely to see them across the British Isles and in a range of habitats. They’re regulars in gardens whether urban or rural and nest either above or below ground… in old mouse nests in long grass or vacated burrows.

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