Bee Saviour Behaviour takes #savethebees to the streets!

Through innovative products, events, campaigns and citizen science we’re inspiring a community of urban Bee Saviour Citizens. Our ambition is to make cities more bee friendly and biodiverse.

Our work is now award winning and any surplus funds we generate are reinvested back into everything we do.

You may have come across our little not-for-profit community co-op through discovering our Bee Saviour Card… our emergency bee revival card for your wallet. This is only a small part of what we do to inspire a little bee curiosity.

Who we are

We’re a small not-for-profit social enterprise guided by a group of Norwich creative folk and the community we’re a part of. Although our primary focus is local we share what we learn in Norwich with our growing global community.

Biodiversity Emergency

In many developed countries citizens are noticing a sharp decline in insect populations. Though it can be easy to find bugs annoying they are fundamental to our ecosystem and our food security.

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Our ambition is to support our Bee Saviour Citizens to make their cities more biodiverse… initially by inspiring a little bee curiosity which we’ve regularly seen develop into a curiosity and love of bugs. Biodiversity is fundamental!

It gives back

There’s more to urban wildlife than ecosystems and food security… Bee Saviour Behaviour was built on an understanding of the positive impact that nature connection can have on our mental health.

Research to demonstrate the positive impact of time spent connecting with nature it still growing… however based on the lived experience of our founder Dan we need no more convincing.

Get in touch

Email us at hello (at)

@saviourbees is our social media handle and our hashtag is #saviourbees (Instagram is what we use the most)