There is nothing quite like the Bee Saviour Card on the market, which means it can conjure up some unique questions. This page is all about answering some of the most common questions asked.

When should I use the bee saviour card?

If you spot an exhausted bee on the ground the first consideration is whether there are flowers close by that have this species of bee feeding from them. Not all bees feed from all flowers… some flowers have deep necks requiring a long tongued bee to access the nectar… many bee colonies will have individual bees who are specialists in pollinating particular flowers. If there are flowers nearby with matching bees on them then offer the bee a ride on your bee card, a leaf or twig in an attempt to move it to a flower.

If there are no flowers nearby then your bee card may need to come to the rescue. It’s important to consider nearby flowers first. On cold days it may be that the bee is too cold to fly rather than hungry… in this situation see if you can move the bee to a sunnier warm spot.

What can I do when it’s all used up? Can it be refilled?

Yes! Email the team on if you have a used card that needs a refresh.

What sugar solution is in the card?

We fill our cards with a syrup used by bee keepers for honeybees. The syrup is a little bit stickier than a sugar and water solution that you may mix up in your kitchen, and so it may look different to what you expect, though if a bee is in need of fuel it’s likely to take it. The syrup ‘goes off’ after the opening of the card, going hard after some time of being open, this is so that you can pop the bee saviour card back into your wallet or purse without fear of making a mess of your cards or bank notes.

How will I know if the bee is uncomfortable with me offering it sugar solution?

Generally bees that have fallen exhausted to the ground are pretty placid and welcoming of help. Sometime a bee may feel uncomfortable. If a bee raises its legs and backs a way, this is a pretty clear sign that it’s not happy with what’s going on. We recommend opening a cell on the bee saviour card and then laying the card in front of the bee… if it climbs on and feeds then success… if not then this can be difficult to accept, however not all bees need a feed and not all bees are welcoming of help. The bee could be cold rather than hungry or it could be at the end of its life cycle and trying to find a quite place.

Why doesn’t the sugar solution in the card go bad or mouldy?

Then a sugar solution has a sugar concentration of over 25% it will prevent microorganisms from surviving in it. Sugar syrups with a sugar concentration of 65% are commonly used for preserving food, preventing it from going mouldy. The concentration of the syrup used in the bee card is 73%.

What happens to any money you make from selling the Bee Saviour Card?

Our organisation is a social enterprise with charitable aims and objectives. We are all about the bees rather than making profit and so if we make any surplus money from our products, workshops or events we reinvest that money into achieving our aims and objectives.