Tell us about your bee hotel…

We’re uncovering the secret lives of bee hotels. We started in 2020 with our 3 minute citizen science survey HERE. We’ve partnered with the fabulous Earlham Institute to bring bees to the Royal Society Exhibition in 2021 in a big way and as a part of this project we’re inviting our nation of budding citizen scientists to help us in our quest to make bee hotels better for the bees that rely on them.

Tell us about your bee hotel lozenge

Citizen science is important because we all have access to important information that scientists would find it hard to access. Data is ‘crowd-sourced’ so we all do a little to make a big difference.

If you have a bee hotel in your garden we’d love to hear from you… it’s all about getting as many folk as possible to share the secret lives of their bee hotels; not just folk who think they’re experts. The information you provide will make a massive difference to our findings and will help us make bee hotels better for bees. Become a citizen scientist and contribute to our bee review HERE.

We will use the findings of our Bee Hotel Review to design and shape guidance, ‘how to’ videos and campaigns to help us all make the most of all the bee hotels in our gardens, parks and public spaces.