What can I do when it’s all used up? Can it be refilled?

Yes! Email the team on hello@saviourbees.co.uk if you have a used card that needs a refresh.

We have now sold over 10,000 cards and we have refilled hundreds of cards. It’s great to replenish them and get them back into action again.

What sugar solution is in the card? Can I refill it myself?

We fill our cards with a syrup used by bee keepers for honeybees. The syrup is a little bit stickier than a sugar and water solution that you may mix up in your kitchen, and so it may look different to what you expect, though if a bee is in need of fuel it’s likely to take it. The syrup ‘goes off’ after the opening of the card, going hard after some time of being open, this is so that you can pop the bee saviour card back into your wallet or purse without fear of making a mess of your cards or bank notes.

Refilling a bee card is really fiddly and so we’re not currently supplying materials to refill it yourself; we are however developing new products that you will be able to refill that will be available soon.