Our local bees 

Bees are at the heart of everything that we do.

It would be impossible to talk about what Bee Saviour Behaviour is all about without dedicating some space to our local bees in our neighbourhood here in Norwich.

It’s been a journey of discovery becoming more aware of our local bees.

Posting almost daily on our Instagram account has meant making space to connect and observe our local bees and through that appreciate how incredible they are!

We have come to realise the extraordinary lives of the bees around us when capturing them in slow motion. Every jar of honey made is the product of 180,000 km of bee flight and the work of over 1000 bees.

We’ve also come to realise how vulnerable our local bees are in their daily lives.

Above all 2018 was a year spent falling in love with how beautiful bees are!

We’re surrounded by so many bees every time we walk through a city and yet we rarely connect with the wonder of what these little fellas do every day and the magic of the way they dance through a flower bed.

In 2019 we’re going to get our first hive and although we appreciate that getting a hive does nothing to tackle bee colony decline because it is not the honey bee that is under threat of extinction, we’re looking forward to developing another kind of relationship with bees.


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