Bee Friendly and Biodiverse City Campaign

We believe it will be the citizens of the world who will have the biggest impact on biodiversity. We’re the ones who can positively impact the ecosystem breakdown taking place in many countries.

As more of the world’s population become city dwellers… developing urban approaches to promoting biodiversity and making places bee friendly is where we feel we can have most impact.


We’re based in Norwich… and so we’re going to develop an approach for making our city more bee friendly and biodiverse and then invite people to learn from what we’ve done.

The dream would be to start a global conversation with other cities around the topic of how we challenge the biodiversity emergency.

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Here in Norwich we’re going to focus on education, land use, land management and campaigning but our first task is to build a local group of organisations, schools, community growing projects and people to make it all possible.


Here in Norwich we properly launch our make Norwich a more ‘Bee Friendly and Biodiverse City’ campaign in 2020.

The exciting thing is that before we’ve even started our campaign is already award winning!

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