Three ‘Do Nothing’ Tips to Help #Savethebees (3 min video)

There a bunch of things we’re told to do to help our local bees, but there are also a bunch of things that involve doing nothing that can make an important contribution to #savethebees

Make Yourself a Brilliant Bee Hotel (3 min video)

You’ve seen them in shops, you’ve heard about saving the bees but bee hotels also bring the magical world of solitary bees into your garden offering a unique invitation to connect with urban wildlife that’s got to also be good for your mental health. Bee hotels are easy to make and here’s how…

Tell Us All About Your Bee Hotel (3 min survey)

Already got a bee hotel? Then we need your help with an important piece of citizen science to uncover the secret lives of UK bee hotels. Completing our 3 minute bee hotel survey will help us shape our campaigns and workshops around making bee hotels work better for the bees relying on them