There are all kinds of ways you can get involved with Bee Saviour Behaviour and support our mission to make the world more bee friendly and biodiverse.

Attend an event or workshop

We run regular workshops and events in Norfolk and beyond to demonstrate simple things you can do, make or spot to help your local bees.


Participate in Citizen Science

So many bee discoveries have been made by observant and enthusiastic citizen scientists. We are going to run regular citizen science projects to continue this important work.


Set up a local group

We have Bee Saviour Citizens across the UK and around the globe in 15 countries. Creating a local group is a great way to motivate yourself and others to create change in your neighbourhood… and we’ll be supporting local groups with resources, ideas and projects in 2020.


Build a bee hotel

Okay so we love creating innovative ways to make bee hotels out of things destined for landfill. If you can’t get to a workshop we’ll be sharing guides to building them soon.


Become a Bee Saviour Citizen

Bee Saviour Behaviour is a community owned co-operative and we’ll be recruiting new members again in 2020.

Create your own ‘Wild Patch’

One of the simplest things anyone with a garden can do is leave a corner of their green space wild. A ‘Wild Patch’ is exactly the kind of habitat that bees and bugs love and that’s one less corner to mow!

Carry a Bee Saviour Card

Now reviving a bee with sugar solution should be a last resort… though we find carrying a Bee Saviour Card increases people’s awareness of the bees in their neighbourhood. So whether you spot an exhausted bee or not it should strengthen your connection to your local bees and if you do revive one it is absolutely magical!


Follow a scientist

There are some extraordinary scientists working on understanding bees, biodiversity and tackling the ecosystem emergency. Follow someone like Dave Goulson on social media to see the latest wisdom on bees and creating change.


Get in touch

Email us at hello (at)

@saviourbees is our social media handle and our hashtag is #saviourbees (we use Instagram most)