Becoming a Bee Saviour

So we have a plan!

It involves reusing any old store cards you might be planning to throw away, turning them into Bee Saviour Kits so that you can refuel any exhausted bees you meet on out on the street.

Bee Saviour Behaviour

You’ll soon be able to order one of our Bee Saviour Kits online or make a Bee Saviour Kit at an event in Oxford or Norwich.

Many of our original Bee Saviours report starting to spot exhausted bees as soon as they become aware that they might be passing them on the street. We’ve loved hearing their stories of reviving exhausted bees and seeing them take flight again.

A big part of what Bee Saviour Behaviour aims to do is create the opportunity for you to have your own story of saving an exhausted bee to share with others. We’d love to hear all about the bees you meet and revive with the Bee Saviour Kit.

Upcoming Events

We’re running our first ever ‘make and decorate your own Bee Saviour Kit’ at Treehouse Festival in Norfolk on Saturday 27th July. Come join the fun!!

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